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The Training Center

An Innovative Training Program

The Training Center is a long - term approach to individual player development and advancement in the game of soccer.

The Training Center is designed to impact player development in an innovative and dynamic way. The program will feature Senior Rush coaching staff who will work alongside regional and nationally recognized coaches. All coaches will use the The Training Center curriculum, proficiencies and benchmarks document as their primary guide in designing and executing training sessions. Players are evaluated, using our curriculum as a litmus, to determine where they are on the developmental continuum at their specific age (see Diagram 2). The program is designed to help the player advance further along the continuum to reach a higher level of proficiency in the game.

The Training Center program is designed to complement team training sessions not replace it. It is open only to Rush Wisconsin players who are registered to a team and/or players in Rush Satellite and partner clubs. Please note only Rush Wisconsin players qualify for the pricing above. The Training Center players can also participate in Select Tournaments identified by The Training Center staff. These tournaments also do not compete with the slate of tournaments identified for Rush Wisconsin teams.

Developmental Pillars in Soccer

There are 5 primary pillars associated with the development of a player and the progression of a team. Improvement in each of these categories directly correlates to individual and team development and improvement. The five factors are listed in Diagram 1 below:



Diagram 1:  Factors Implementing Individual performance

Technical Proficiency – comfort level and ability of a player on the soccer ball (example, 1st touch, passing, receiving, turning, dribbling, shooting).

Tactical Proficiency – decision making when you have the ball, movement and support when you do not have the ball, positional understanding and functioning (defender, midfield, forward, goalkeeper).

Physical Proficiency – ability to meet the physical demands of the game (for example, speed, strength, endurance, balance, agility, explosiveness).

Psychological Proficiency – desire and ability to compete / perform irrespective of circumstances associated with the game / training condition and situation/s.

Psycho-social Proficiency – competency in assimilating with teammates, receptiveness to coaching, discipline, dedication to meet individual and team goals and objectives


Improving Individual Player Development One Pillar At A Time …

Players are evaluated at the very on set and based on their proficiency level are divided into appropriate training groups. Coaches work closely with players based on their proficiencies and engage players in multiple ways to move them along the continuum.


Diagram 2:
  The Developmental Continuum

A Different Training Structure:

The first and foundational principle of SATC is players are grouped based on 2 important criteria:

1.    Age Group Training Pool for Boys and Girls will be based on Double Age Groups – See Diagram 3 below. Training Pool will include:

  • U11 and U12 combined training group
  • U13 and U14 combined training group
  • U15 – U16 combined training group
  • U17 – U19 combined training group

2.    Prescriptive Training requires players to be grouped into training pools based on two primary criteria:

  • Ability level of the players
  • Developmental need / priority of the player

The Genesis of the The Training Center

The Training Center was developed for 4 reasons:

1.    To provide a specialized program to address individual player developmental needs

2.    To better prepare and showcase players for college placement opportunities

3.    A Long Term Development Program to improve player and team performance

4.    To answer the player developmental challenges that accrue as a result of birth year implementation

Program Cost

$350 for both fall and spring seasons

U14-U19 Girls
$250 for fall  season and some winter training

U14-U19 Boys

$250 for spring season and some winter training

Additional expenses may be incurred if The Training Center  teams attend select tournaments.

Training Times

U10 – U14

Boys - every Monday in the fall and spring seasons
Girls - every Wednesday in the fall and spring seasons

U15 – U19

Boys - every Monday in the spring season
Girls - every Wednesday in the fall season

The Training Center Staff

The Training Center will assemble the most experienced and qualified staff from within Rush Wisconsin while inviting state, regional and nationally recognized and credentialed staff as guest coaches to work with Training Center players.

We recognize that players can effectively learn the game from multiple sources and voices but diversifying our staff enables the club to better realize core objectives, for example, increasing desired high school and college placement for its player pool. We will work in tandem with guest coaches to provide parents and players information that helps prepare them for the high school and college experience.

Coach to player ratio will be much improved, as a minimum of 3 staff coaches will be assigned to each training group (see Diagram 3 for definition of training group).

Training System

Diagram 3
: Example of Double Age Group Training Pools

Training System

The Training System is tied closely to a proficiencies and benchmark curriculum. Click on link to see more detailed age specific information. All Training will be 1 hour 30 minutes and will be organized into the following general categories. Click for the sample training layout.


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