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U8 - U10 Age Group

Understanding the player at U8 – U10 Age Group

The pathway into the competitive program of Rush Wisconsin begins in earnest at these age groups.

At this age the more athletic players seem to take more control of the group. As a result the Rush coaching staff will set different challenges for different players, based on their physical, mental, emotional and social development. The staff works diligently to acknowledge achievements that have been completed by a player.  The level of achievement may vary from player to player.

U8 players are at the age where they are beginning to understand the concept of working with a teammate. The notion, or willingness, to intentionally pass the ball to someone is just beginning to take hold. Coaches will have more success encouraging players to pass the ball in this age group. The player begins to think beyond their personal needs and actively looks to pass to a teammate. In many cases they will pass to their best friend and not necessarily the player in the best position to receive the ball. As always, the main focus is to have fun but the environment becomes increasingly challenging as specific demands are made on players. 

As we start to progress into the U9 and U10 age groups, the motivation to learn basic skills is very high. Children gradually begin to change from being self-centered to being self-critical and develop the need for group and/or team games. 

Rush Focus and Approach

 The “six principals” of U8-U10 player development are:

 1. All activities developmentally appropriate to the group?
2. Clear, concise and correct information is provided by professional coaches
3. Activities are organized from simple ideas and tasks to more complex.
4. Safe and appropriate training areas are always secured.
5. Players are involved in the decision making process within activities as guided discovery becomes the preferred approach to teaching.
6. All activities have implications and are related to the game

At this age we understand and demonstrate the basic techniques of soccer and deliver the information in a sensitive, patient, enthusiastic and imaginative manner.

Training Focus

Age Group

Topics Coached During Soccer Year


Dribble out of trouble, dribble past someone, shielding, soft first touch, introduce proper shooting technique and introduce passing.

U9 & U10


Continue with dribbling foci from U8, passing with inside and outside of both feet, shooting with both feet (laces), receiving the ball with all parts of the body and heading


U9 & U10


Basic attacking ideas, basic defending ideas, comprehend basic 1 vs. 1 concepts, comprehend basic 2 vs 1 concepts, introduction into 2 vs. 2 concepts, comprehend roles of the 1st and 2nd defender and comprehend roles of the 1st and 2nd attacker.




Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics at U8 – U10



Uniform Requirements:

Fall and Spring =

Ball size:

Size 4


Soccer specific cleats
are advised

Shin guards:


Roster Size:

8-12 Players


(including goalkeeper)

Scores & Standings:



YES (games only)


Professionally Licensed Coaches


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