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Rush 2021 Tournaments 

The Annual Rush Tournaments will be held at Woodside Sports in Wis Dells & Mauston through year 2022.  Thank you for choosing Rush WI tournaments as your team events -- we look forward to hosting and serving your teams!

SPRING CLASSIC 2021 - April 24-25 

Registration Link here -

OCTOBERFEST 2021 - September 25-26 –  Available June 2021


Covid-19 Related Guidelines and Refund Policies

Thank you for considering Rush Wisconsin Tournaments. We look forward to hosting you.  Included below are the guidelines and protocol that all participants and attendees must know for the most safe, fun, and competitive playing experience for all. 

We cannot overstate the importance of player safety during this event. Our tournament weekends are a great opportunity to continue the process of getting back to playing competitive soccer. It is important that we stay focused on our community and the community that we will be returning to. While our priority is to provide a great experience this weekend, we must also set a positive example for future events as well. We choose to be part of the solution and ask for your commitment in helping our club achieve that goal.

With everyone's help and attention we can have soccer, stay safe and take a big step toward reaching 'normalcy'.  Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.  Below is the list of Covid-19 safety guidelines pertaining to the weekend.  Coaches must commit to a more detailed list of guidelines provided with tournament documentation for event participation.

Precautionary Guidelines / Procedures for COVID-19

• All matches have been scheduled only at facilities that are allowed to host games of this nature and teams coming from approved geographic regions.

• All spectators are asked to wear a mask at all times while on site.  This includes players and coaching staff while on the bench / post game.  Masks do not need to be worn by players while on the field.

• All event staff will be wearing a mask at all times.

• Family members and friends are allowed on site to join us in supporting our young athletes provided they follow safety guidelines and procedures. Two spectator per player (at this time).

• Spectators must stay a minimum of ten feet back from the field as well as six feet away from one another.

• Please maintain a 6ft away from others policy throughout the park.  Signage and staff will remind everyone of this throughout the event.

• Coaches and players are to exercise social distancing while in the bench area.

• No pets other than service animals allowed on site.

• No post game handshakes between teams / coaches.  Sportsmanship is certainly encouraged in a socially distant fashion.

• No sharing of water bottles.

• Disinfectant spray and hand sanitizing spray will be provided in each bench area for each game. 

• On each field there will be a minimum of 20 minutes between the end time of one match and the kickoff time of the next match to allow teams/spectators to clear the area before the next group comes in.  Please allow time and spacing for everyone to take their place in an orderly fashion.

• Teams must leave the benches immediately after the final whistle and may have their post-game team talk away from the field while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

• Spectators must leave the field as quickly as possible following the final whistle and no spectators are allowed on the field between matches.

• Daily screening process of all players should be conducted at home by a parent, and again by a coach prior to participation.

 • If you think that your child is immunocompromised, please check with your child’s healthcare provider (Physician (MD/DO), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Physician Assistant (PA)) before returning them to sports.

• Coaches/Parents- we rely on you to help assess your players prior to arrival. Please ask these questions of yourself, and them, before you make the decision to come to the facility. If any of the answers are yes, please stay home and communicate with your coaches/parents/players ahead of time if you will not be attending.

Today or in the past 24 hours have you had any of the following symptoms:
              1.     Fever (temperature greater than 100.4 for children and greater than 100 for adults)
              2.     New or worsening cough
              3.     Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
              4.     Sore throat, different than your seasonal allergies
              5.     New loss of smell and/or taste
              6.     Diarrhea or vomiting
              7.     Do you have a household member or close contact who has been diagnosed with
                      COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?

Refund Policy

In the event of a mandated or forced cancellation of the event due to Covid-19 our refund policy is as follows:

1. Teams will receive a full refund of their tournament game related fees.  There is a maximum $35 administrative fee that is nonrefundable as this fee goes directly toward items that are reserved and paid for well in advance of the event kickoff.  Items such as field rental, referee scheduling, registration and payment acquisition fees, and the hundreds of hours of time that go into making the event operational.

2.  If a team has a player or staff member/affiliate test positive for Covid within 13 days of the kick off of the event, the team will be allowed to withdraw and will receive a refund, however a portion of their tuition will be retained to refund their 3 opponents who will have not received their 3 guaranteed games.

For example: your team is scheduled to play 3 games guaranteed.  ‘Opponent X’ is one of your opponents on Saturday of the event.  The Tuesday before the event ‘Opponent X’ notifies us that a player in their team tested positive for Covid.  Their team must 'quarantine' for 2 weeks and therefore cannot participate in the tourney.  Your team paid for 3 guaranteed games so your team would need to be refunded a portion of your tuition since you only received 2 games.  ‘Opponent X’ that had to drop out will cover part of your team’s refund and Rush will pay the rest.  Therefore, your team is not further inconvenienced. Opponent X does not lose all their committed tournament money, and we have all done our part to keep the event and the community healthy.

IF we are able to find your team a fill in, suitable 3rd opponent to replace ‘Opponent X’, then your team will play your 3 originally scheduled matches, and ‘Opponent X’ will not be required to pay this game fee.

We hope this clarification is helpful.  Unfortunately, there is no 'right' answer in all of this. Our organization is not immune to the effects of these cancellations.

Weather related cancellation refund policy remains as it has for many years and is in line with dozens of similar events of similar offering.  Teams that play no games receive no less than a 70% refund. If only 1 game played, no less than 50% refund given, if only 2 games played no less than 20% refund given.

3. If after being accepted, a team, by their choice, elects not to participate for any reason, will risk forfeiture of their entire registration fee.


Tournament Age Groups

This tournament's age groups are by birth year as WYSA moved to birth year placements.
2013 - U8 (spring only)
2012 - U9
2011 - U10
2010 - U11
2009 - U12
2008 - U13
2007 - U14
2006 - U15
2005 – U16
2004 – U17
2003/2002 – U18/U19

Due to WIAA adjustments with HS teams, we will be offer all age divisions which may be collapsed into general HS division based on registration

Tournament Fees

U9/U10 - $450 - 50 minute games (round robin, 3 games, no finals)
U11/U12 - $555 - 60 minute games / minimum 3 games, potential 4th game in finals
U13/U14 - $620 - 70 minute games / minimum 3 games, potential 4th game in finals
U15-U19 - $620 - 70 minute games (round robin, 3 games, no finals)

Woodside Partner Hotels

Although Rush Tournaments are not  "stay to play" events, we would appreciate teams staying at the Woodside partner hotels

  • Woodside and Rush Wisconsin have Partnered with EventConnect to ease the hotel process.  All registered participants will receive an email from EventConnect to reserve blocks of rooms as needed.
  • Each Team/Coach or family is responsible for making the reservations.
  • Rates vary depending on the season. Wisconsin Dells is a tourist attraction and known as the Waterpark Capital of the World, rooms fill up quickly. The sooner you secure your rooms the better price you receive. Rates will also vary depending on the type of hotel.

More info about Woodside Wis Dells and Mauston can be found here

Managers Information and Check List

Due at Team Registration/Check-in

Managers Information and Check List

Check-In Information

  • ONLINE – we have gone paperless!! Please have this completed by April 9, 2021 or before. We will review and let you know if we are missing anything. Thanks for the help with this EASY, STRESS-FREE paperless process!  UPLOAD all to your GotSoccer application. Instructions here.
  • Copy of State Association approved (United States Youth Soccer Association – USYSA) Team Roster(s) listing ALL players playing at the tournament. If using guest players and/or club pass players you will need their teams’ rosters as well.
  • Tournament Roster form completed with all requested info.
  • Signed copies of Wisconsin Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment forms (with concussion information) for all players.

Due at Team Registration/Check-in - ON SITE

  • Check in at the registration table to receive confirmation form that all documents have been received.

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Contact Us

For tournament questions, contact Jake Gill at [email protected] or Ben John, 608-831-8694


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