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Return to Play


We are entering into what is referenced by US Soccer as Phase 2 of RTP. This means we are not playing games yet and there are significant restrictions to the format and conditions that govern a club’s ability to host training sessions. This email will provide you with important details, including mandated protocols to ensure player, coach and volunteer safety, as it relates to training. A few key details for your reference as you study Rush Wisconsin RTP measures include:

  • Rush Wisconsin RTP’s are based strictly on guidelines provided by the United States Soccer Federation and endorsed by Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. For the detailed guideline please click on this link:
  • Training is not mandated. Rush recognizes our members will have differing views and comfort levels in sending their children back into a training environment. We respect and support your views on this matter. Inability to commit to training will not reflect on the level of commitment of the player / family to the team
  • There are strict protocols for players and parents that must be adhered to, if a player is to participate in training. Failure at any time to observe protocols will negate the ability of the player to participate and continue in training.
  • All protocols are intended to ensure the safety and security of participants. Protocols have been adjusted to meet the needs and limitations of the Rush Hwy Q Training facility and our coaching staff. The inability or unwillingness to meet any protocols outlined will disqualify a player from participating in training
Note: One important qualifier to the US Grassroots RTP Phase 2 plan that is different from the Dane County Bounceback plan is we are not cleared to do intra squad scrimmages as of yet. Rush Wisconsin will comply with the Dane County plan.

Return to Play Protocols

Rush Wisconsin Return To Play: Parent Protocols

These training sessions are available to all players in the current 2019-2020 Season if you are in good financial standing with the club. You are still eligible to participate in these training sessions even if you do not intend to return next season.

You must indicate your availability to attend training sessions as posted on Teamsnap. You cannot independently choose to attend a training session if you have not indicated your availability on Teamsnap within the stipulated time period. Coaches will have an attendance sheet at every training session. You will be asked to vacate training if you are not on the attendance sheet.

Medical Clearance Mandates:

  • All players must have their Medical Release Waiver and submit their Covid Waiver
  • For individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, written confirmation of COVID-19 negative status and clearance from your physician for return to full participation in sport & activity.
  • Medical Clearance Recommendations:

    For individuals with a pre-existing medical condition, written clearance from your physician for return to full participation in sport & activity is recommended.
  • For individuals who have experienced known COVID-19 exposure in the past 14 days, the following is recommended:
    a) Home quarantine for 14 days
    b) Written confirmation of COVID-19 negative status by your physician to return to play

    For individuals who experienced any illness during shelter-in-place, written clearance from your healthcare provider that you are COVID-free is recommended

Daily Training Medical Mandates

The participant should conduct a daily temperature check for low - grade fever (>100.4.) at home before training. If you have a fever, do not go to training.

Do not participate in activities if you have any of the symptoms listed below.

  • COVID exposure in past 14 days
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Fever >100.4 F
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Sinus congestion
  • Cough persistent and or productive
  • Joint aches and soreness
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Do not go to training facilities or fields with any of the above symptoms. Remotely communicate your health status to coaches, instructors, team administrators, or medical staff within 24 hours of your training session. Parents (and not the minor player) must communicate with the club or coach.  Speak to a physician and follow CDC guidelines on self-quarantine.
  • Should a member of your household be experiencing the symptoms above, the family member should consult a physician. Follow the recommendations listed for medical clearance outlined above

Travel To Training Mandates

Parents and guardians must be thoroughly aware of all safety recommendations, and ensure their family follows them.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to park at Hwy Q lot and cannot attend training sessions

  • Parents and guardians are required to depart the area while their child is training. The club will explore and endorse a designated parking location in close proximity to the Hwy Q Training Center for parent/guardian that needs to be readily available and simplify pick up
  • Parent and guardian to learn and strictly abide by all instructions pertaining to drop off and pick up protocols provided by the club
  • Parent or guardian should have the contact information of the relevant training coach
  • Parent or guardian should be available by phone and in close proximity to the training facility in the event of an emergency

Travel to Training Recommendations

  • Travel with as few people as possible to training (ex: one parent and one child).
  • Carpooling or ride sharing is highly discouraged in Phase I. For families who must ride together with no other alternatives consider the following:
      a) Only rideshare with a family or individual who has practiced appropriate distancing and sheltering requirements established by their local government or public health officials.
    b) If you must rideshare do so with the same individuals each training.
    c) Ensure that all passengers have passed both the preliminary and daily clearance requirements outlined in this section.
    d) Maintain safe distancing within the vehicle during loading, transport and unloading.
    e) Limit the number of stops between departure site and training destination.
    f) Wear your PPE (mask) in the vehicle

Rush Wisconsin Return To Play: Player Protocols

Player Kit Mandate – Getting Ready for Training

All players must have each of the items listed below as part of their kit or they will not be allowed to train. The coaching staff will do spot inspections. If any item is missing, you will be asked to leave practice. The player is responsible for making sure they are restocking their kit when items are used.

  • Hand sanitizer
  • 1 or 2 water bottle/s with player name labeled on it
  • Mask (Used from parking lot to practice field and back to parking lot. Not used in training)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Ball with a name clearly marked on it multiple times

Getting Ready for Training– Additional Mandates

  • Get dressed at home in your training gear so you can arrive at the Q ready to train.
  • Ask your parent to take your temperature before leaving for training
  • If you are feeling sick, tell your parent your symptoms and do not come to training
  • You are responsible for knowing which training zone you are assigned to. Follow the signage to your training zone directly
  • There will be no restroom facilities available at Q. Please make sure you are prepared for a full hour training without the use of a bathroom
  • You will be assigned a cone at your training zone. You will need to place your bag by the cone and keep all equipment and supplies in your bag at all times.
  • You are responsible for cleaning your area at the end of training and putting all your trash back into your bag to be disposed at home

Physical Interaction Mandates

  • Must be able to keep and maintain social distancing of at least six feet
  • No group huddles
  • No general physical interaction including hugging, “high fives” or passing objects by hand
  • Distance yourself from anyone exhibiting signs of sickness

Hygiene Mandates

  • Avoid touching your eyes/mouth/nose as much as possible
  • Wash or sanitize your hands often (before, during and after practice)
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue whey you cough or sneeze
  • No spitting allowed, including GK’s spitting into their gloves
  • Follow Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – masks or face covers as outlined: 
    a) Players to wear PPE as they arrive at training and move to training zone 
    b) Player to remove PPE during training 
    c) Player to wear PPE immediately following training until they return to their vehicle 
    d) PPE must be new or clean for each training session 
    e) PPE should cover the nose and mouth and breathable, consist of cotton or wick-type material and follow CDC guidelines

Equipment and Training Gear Mandates

  • Do not share personal equipment or gear (for example, water bottles, flags etc.) The exception to this rule is the soccer ball but players cannot touch or pick up another person’ soccer ball. They are permitted to use another person’s ball in a training exercise as long as they use their feet only
  • Player is required to clearly label, in multiple locations on the ball, their initials so they can easily identify their ball during and after practice
  • Wash all training gear after each practice

Rush Wisconsin Return To Play: Club Protocols

The staff at Rush Wisconsin has been working through all the information provided by the United States Soccer Federation and Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association while evaluating all facets and phases of operations to ensure compliance in all areas. The primary goal is to ensure the safety and security of all our players and staff. Key initiatives are listed below:

Safety Protocols

Drop off and Pick Up
Parents are not allowed to remain at the facility during training and are not allowed to park at the Q facility. We are trying to find an alternative holding area in close proximity to Q for parents who would like to park and stay close.

There will be only one way and location for drop off and pick up. The main parking lot will serve as the drop off and pick up location. Any player dropped off and/or trying to enter the facility by the dog park and the coaches parking area will not be allowed to train.

Please reference the facility diagram that maps out drop off and pick up details. 

Drop Off:

Parents: You will enter the main (lower) parking lot entrance. Exercise caution, as there is a specific demarcation for entry only and exit only. The blue flags will indicate your path for entry while the red flags will indicate directions for exit. There is a drop off zone that will be marked by green flags. Cars need to pull up to the front of the drop off zone and you must be between the green flagged areas before a player can disembark.

Players: Be aware of your surroundings when you immediately exit your vehicle and practice social distancing. There will be signs that point players through a particular pathway based on the location of their training field. For example, All players practicing on Field 1A or Field 1B will follow Zone 1 signage. Players must know what field they are training on before arriving to practice. Once you arrive at your training, your coach will have more specific information for you. You will receive this information closer to your training date.

Pick Up

Players: Training will last for 1 hour. Coaches are required to wind practices down after approximately 50 minutes of training. This will give players enough time to pack their bags and ensure their immediate surrounding is picked up and ready for the next group. You should only pick up your equipment and trash (not anyone else’s). You will then need to exit back through the Zone you entered practice through to wait for pick up in a marked drop off area. This holding area will be clearly marked in yellow. Players will need to be especially cautious to maintain social distance while waiting to be picked up.

Parents: Pick up will operate similarly to Drop Off. You will enter the main (lower) parking lot entrance. Cars again need to pull up to the very front of the drop off zone denoted by the greed flagged areas before a player can be released for pick up. Players are not allowed to walk to a car outside of the green flagged area.

Training Methodology

Training Methodology

We are in Phase 2 of the Federation Return to Play Protocol guidelines. In this Phase we are allowed to train as a team. While regular training can occur as a team, we are not permitted to scrimmage amongst each other.

To the degree possible, the team training group will remain the same throughout this period. We are discouraging mixing the training groups from one day to another or one week to another. To that end, for right now, we will try to limit movement of players from one team to another (club passing)

Social Distancing protocols common to Stage 1 will still be observed in Stage 2 RTP. We are especially fortunate to have one of the most experienced and qualified coaching staffs in the region that will adjust to the rigors and restrictions posed by these protocols. Nevertheless, we continue to conduct a number of coaching education sessions and tap into multiple resources to ensure our coaches are prepared to challenge our players during these sessions. Personal and professional safety protocols and expectations are also in place for coaches who have strict guidelines and mandates they are required to follow.

Training Times

The duration of training will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. We have added a 15 minutes transition between training times to give players the time to pack up and exit the facility before the next group shows up. Please refer to updated training times for the week of August 3 - August 14 by clicking on this link:

Please note we are releasing an updated schedule for the rest of the season (August 17 - November) once we have more information on the status of the high school boys season.

Sign Up for Training

Strict attendance will be kept at training and cross - referenced with Teamsnap availability. It will really help us track player attendance and maintain best practices to be in compliance with RTP's if you will indicate your availability every week on Teamsnap. 


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