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  • Structure/Organizational Chart

     If you have any questions about how we are engaging with your child and what is the focus of our work with the team, please speak to your coach. Benny Delgado is the Coordinator of the YDA program and oversees operations. Benny is another point of contact for you. Additionally, Roy Patton is the Director of Coaching and Ben John is the Technical Director of the club. If you still have questions or concerns after visiting with the team coach or with the Coordinator, Roy and Ben are good resources for you. 
  • A Focus on Development

     This is a broad and difficult concept to explain but essentially our focus is to help players become more proficient with the soccer ball so they can enjoy playing the game. We do not spend a lot of time, at these younger age groups, talking about team tactics. We do provide baseline organization of the team but really the ball is their toy and we want them to have as much fun with it as possible. 
  • Why do they not pass the ball

     It is important to understand and work with the psycho social development of children at these age groups. Children, especially at the younger age groups, struggle with the notion of sharing (especially in a game type situation). Additionally, we break down ideas on the offensive end into simple concepts like dribbling to advance the ball. They will eventually learn to pass the ball but the early stages of engagement can be frustrating for everyone; players, parents and coaches alike. Time and good instruction can be invaluable friends to navigate this challenge
  • Why do you play a kid who appears uninterested in the game?

    This is an exploratory phase for some players and we believe at the younger age groups it is important to balance playing time. They are trying to figure out a lot of things; space, making decisions, positioning, coach and parents screaming at them. It can be intimidating and confusing for them as they try to learn new techniques and apply them into a game. They need time and patience to develop. Perhaps most importantly they need the experience of playing and trying things they have learned, if they are to advance in the sport. This is why playing with minimal stress and playing often is such a critical tool in their development.
  • Why do you have co-ed teams?

    It is not uncommon at these younger age groups to have co-ed teams. At times, this is about the lack of numbers that forces us to merge genders and age groups. It is important to note, however, that we do see benefits for both boys and girls to learn to play with each other and to challenge each other. Traditionally, girls actually mature faster, both physically and emotionally at these younger age groups than boys. While the challenges for each gender and each individual are different, they are not too difficult to mitigate in the hands of an experienced coach. 
  •  Why do parents have to sign a Parent Code of Conduct?

    It is well documented, especially in youth sports, the critical and sometimes negative role parents on the sideline can have on the overall experience of the game and the development of their child. Of paramount importance to us is the safety of the players and the team as a whole. We want our players to play in a safe and positive environment. We ask parents not to provide coaching on the sideline but to encourage and support the actions of your player, the team, the referee and yes, even the opponent. We know positive reinforcement goes a long way to enhancing the environment for players to develop and to love the sport. 
  •  My kid wants more/is ready for more...What should I do?

    Yes, we do see some kids at younger age groups that are obsessed over the sport. They just love to play and want to excel at it. If this is your player, just talk to us. We are always keen to extend the opportunity for a player in the YDA to step into a competitive practice or game, if and when they are ready for it. 



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